Nihongo Notes. Ч. 2. Японский язык и общение

Nihongo Notes. Ч. 2. Японский язык и общение

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Издатель/Производитель: Japan Times
ISBN/JAN: 9784789014250
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An up-close look at the Japanese culture
through 50 articles carefully selected from the long-running “Nihongo Notes” column of the English daily The Japan Times

Especially for Japanese learners who are not living in Japan it’s difficult to fully understand this foreign land with all its quirks and expressions. That’s where the Nihongo notes come into play. Osamu and Nobuko Mitzutani discuss various phrases which are used on an everyday basis in Japan and shed some light onto the meaning and proper usage. If you enjoy reading about Japan and its culture, these books are made for you. The Japan Times is a marvelous publisher that brought us the infamous Genki textbooks and the really essential Dictionaries of Japanese grammar.

Each story is printed bi-lingual with the English translation on the left side and the Japanese original on the right. So you can even put your newly learned Japanese to good use and train your Kanji reading ability while always having the possibility to lurk over to the other side and confirm what you just read.

Chapter 1: Situational Phrases
‘Hai’-to ‘lie’ (‘Yes’ and ‘No’), Oishisoo-desu-ne (It looks good), Ocha-demo nomimasen-ka (How about having some tea?), etc.

Chapter 2: Difference from English
Yaseru hito? (A Person who is getting thinner?), Kaette-kudasai (Please go home), Arigatoo-gozaimashita (Thank you for having been so kind), etc.

Chapter 3: Human Relations
Aa, are-desu-ka (Oh, is it that?), Tsuide-ni (While . . .), Gurai, hodo, bakari (About, approximately, nearly), ect.

Автор(ы) О. Мидзутани, Н. Мидзутани
Название на японском 日本語ノート ことばとコミュニケーション vol.2
Страниц 207
Формат 210x148мм (A5)
CD в комплекте Нет
Обложка Мягкая, глянцевый ламинат
Язык Японский, английский
Страна издательства Япония
Страна печати Япония
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